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S1 E8: Inside Outlawed with Anna North

Anna North does not disappoint; she is as fantastic as her novel Outlawed. It is apparently obvious that this woman was meant to inspire and educate us through the power of words. For that, we say, “thank you.” Make sure you snag a copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or your favorite local book retailer (We love Buxton Books in Charleston, SC and Lumeria in Jackson, MS). To learn more about Anna North, author and journalist, check out her website and articles: and You can also follow her on Instagram @annanorthbooks.

Special thanks to Rachel Willey (Instagram @redithw) for creating maybe the sexiest book cover of all time.

Want to check out Krazy Kat Comic by George Herriman (NOLA native whoop whoop)? Here you go: Also, really interesting article from The New Yorker on expounding on the comic’s discussion of gender fluidity:

Speaking of cats, RIP Miracle Cat. Thank you for gracing the gram.

It wouldn’t be Decanterbury Tales if Laura did not mention My Favorite Murder. She references Episode 263: Let Me Challenge You about Peggy Jo Tallas aka “Cowboy Bob”. For more info:

Time to head to Hollywood! Here’s the article: . Now let's make this casting happen!

Anna's Dream Cast (pictured left to right below!)

Samira Wiley as The Kid

Lee Pace as Lark

Millie Bobby Brown as Ada

Anna’s TBR (to be read) Picks:

The Odyssey by Homer (Emily Wilson Translation)

Girlhood by Melissa Febos

Detransition Baby by Torrey Peters

The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr.

God Spare the Girls: A Novel by Kelsey McKinney

Bottoms up & stay weird!

Georgianna and Laura

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