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Last Minute Gift Guide for Book Lovers

We get it. You waited until the last minute to shop for a gift. So did we! But NEVER FEAR! You know your Decanterbury Tales Pals got your back! We compiled a few items- that we have definitely talked about on the show- that are still available for the book lover in your life! But you'll need to RUN RUN RUDOLPH if you're going to get these under the tree in time!

  1. A book annotation kit from Lemon Honey Crafts on Etsy!

  2. You've heard us talk about how much we love our Kindles. Treat the book lover in your life to a portable e-reader. BONUS: Add a Kindle Unlimited subscription for an extra kiss under the mistletoe.

  3. A book that gives back! Have an animal lover AND book lover to shop for? Get them a copy of The Yorkie Who Sings at Midnight by Janne Swearengen. A portion of book sales go directly to the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi to help rescue pets find loving homes. A Decanterbury Tales Podcast insider tip: Order signed copies directly from the author by emailing $20 covers book and mailing!

  4. The Passion Planner. Join the Pash Fam and get them the ultimate planner to set their year up for success in whatever they want to do!

  5. This Kindle case. Georgianna has received plenty of compliments on this cheeky case!

  6. If you've listened to our show at all, you know that a ROOMBA is on our wishlist. Give your reader more time to read and the gift of clean floors.

  7. This bathtub tray! Laura is obsessed with hers. It has a stand for your book AND a wine glass sized cup holder!

  8. These L.L. Bean cozy cat slippers. Georgianna has a pair that she swears by. The perfect mule slippers for relaxing at home or running quick errands around town.

These should be enough suggestions to help stuff the stocking of the book lover on your list! Leave us a comment on what you would add or if you've added any of these items to your own list!

Happy Holidays!

Bottoms Up & Stay Weird!

Georgianna & Laura

P.S. If you need some holiday season destress, Chicken Nugget is happy to hold paws with you.

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