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Episode 2: Ending on an Up Note with Barbara O’Neal

Our exclusive interview with Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author Barbara O’Neal. When We Believed In Mermaids tackles tough topics but is threaded with a sense of optimism that reminds us that there is always hope and healing. We discuss reading/writing, Titanic and cats.

Barbara’s Book Picks:

Green Darkness by Anya Seton

One Last Look by Susanna Moore

FYI: Titanic is streaming on Starz...don’t have that one. Just gonna have to pop in my two VHS tapes set.

PPLD 2020 Mountain of Authors Keynote Speech by Barbara O’Neal referenced in the interview. Wrote down so many wise nuggets we plan to recycle:

If you haven’t read yet (tisk tisk), get your copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your local bookseller! Also browse her other novels at

Have a book or wine you want us to check out? Email us at

As promised, here's our cats:

Bottoms up & stay weird!

Georgianna & Laura

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